About TTS

As TTS nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing the satisfied smiling faces of our customers.We hold our customers in the same high respect and veneration as our own families, and always try to put ourselves in the customer’s position so we can understand things from their perspective.

This allows us to deliver the same high standard of service we would expect for ourselves.
It is with this mindset that we apply all our objectivity in our endeavor to assist our customers with their growth and prosperity.

Furthermore, our work in refurbishing and reselling used machinery allows us to participate in the worldwide effort for the preservation of the environment through our recycling activities.



Company name TTS Co.,Ltd.
Paid-in Capital Capital 60 Million Japanese Yen
Date of Incorporation November 20,1992
Chief Executive Officer Eiichiro Fukumitsu
Main Business Retail and wholesale sales and maintenance of NC machine tools.
Overhaul,refurbishment, installation, import and export of new and used electronic component placement / insertion machines.
Main Banks The Toho Bank Ltd. Minamifukushima Branch. The 77 Bank Ltd.Fukushima Branch. The Joyo Bank Ltd. Fukushima Branch.
The Shoko Kumiai Chuo Bank Ltd. Fukushima Branch. The Fukushima Shinkin Bank. minami Branch.
Annual Sales Volume 1,500 Million Japanese Yen


Domestic TTS Co.,Ltd. Fukushima Factory(Head Office)

1-16 Horikiri, Kanazawa, Matsukawa-Town, Fukushima-City,
Fukushima-Pref,960-1246 Japan

TEL: +81-24-537-2777
FAX: +81-24-567-7710

Abroad TTS Singapore Godzila Pte.Ltd.

40 Lloyd Road #04-44,Lloyd Court,
Singapore 239107

TEL  +65-6468-3991
FAX  +65-6482-3262

Abroad TTS Malaysia

No 33, Jalan Canggih 4,
Taman Perindustrian Desa Cemerlang,
81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor, Malaysia

TEL  +60-1-6705-3519
FAX  +60-07-861-7266


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